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    Jardula 18
    Brela, Hrvatska

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    +44 7787 585354


- Do not take the main entrance to Brela !!! (Main entrance is where the word Brela is written in flowers).
- Turn off the main coastal highway onto the road that is next to "Restoran Sampion".
- You come to a STOP, turn right. Go past the "Market Brela" (good place for groceries), pass Hotel Pelegrin, then you'll come to a fork in the road, and the sign says left for "Jardula" (that is our street), so turn left.
- You pass right in front of “Sv. Stjepan” (church is on your left).

Now the tricky part is here!!!

Straight ahead you'll see two houses together, a yellow house(left) and a pinkish/peachy colored house (right). TURN TO THE RIGHT OF THE PINK HOUSE (YOUR DRIVING TOWARDS THE SEA).

Why is it tricky?

Because it looks like your going into someones backyard! The road is not that visible, it's a small narrow road but this road brings you to our house which will be on your left (White and Yellow Trim-You’ll recognize it from the pictures). Our street is a dead end. And please be careful on the road when walking along our house, it can get slippery! You’ll see our staircase first, here it is…